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Ghost_45lol's Results

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Ghost_45lol's Results

Post by Fujiwara Shinji on Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:47 pm

Professor's deck vs Student's deck

Match Results: 0/15

5 per win, bonus 5 points if the match is 2-0.

Ruling Knowledge: 20/20

Five Questions. Each worth 4 points.


Were they a good sport about the match?

Duel Control: 8/10

How well did the Student take control of the Duel? Did they maintain good advantages?

Use of Cards: 15/20

Did the Student use all their cards effectively? How Well did the Student adjust to various situations in the Duel?

Deck Consistency: 10/20

Does the deck run smoothly? Should they consider certain changes to improve?

Concentration: 3/3

Were they paying complete attention? Did they know what was going on at all times?

Side Deck: 15/15

1 Point is awarded for each appropriate choice for the side deck. If they have a Sided Card that you think is a poor choice, dock a point and explain why as well as what they should run instead.

Deck Originality: 3/5

Were they using something other than a Top Tier deck? Was their build something new and different?

Should the Student receive full marks for this, they will receive an additional bonus 5 points on their overall score.

Total points: 78/110

Normal Yellow = 0-40

Effect Orange = 41-70

Ritual Blue = 71 - 95

Fusion Purple = 96 - 110

Welcome to Ritual Blue

Fujiwara Shinji

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