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Post by Cyber Gir on Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:18 pm

Core Cards
What makes a core card a core card? One might ask or even what is side card? A core card is one that will never get sided; it is the reason why the deck works. Side cards will add power to the deck and also make the deck fowl. https://i.imgur.com/xQBDNL9.png what is a core card in this deck? What is a side card? Why is blue-eyes in the deck?

The deck is a plant deck so the 3 op cards(dark hole, monster reborn and heavy strom) Black Garden, Fallen Angel of Roses, Twilight Rose Knight, Botanical Lion, Cactus fighter, Mark of the Rose, Thorn of Malice, Gigaplant, Dandylion Copy Plant, Snyffus, Naturia, Cosmobeet, Lonefire Blossom, Solemn (both judgment and warning), Mirror force, Starlight road, and Wall of thorns. These cards will never get side (unless I miss up or u have a ton of anti-plant cards which even then I would be like ummm let’s try this one more time, and the blue-eyes is for the anti-plant first game so I guess he is kind a main never sided him but I could and the deck would still work.
Ok what is a side card in this deck? Answer Dimensional prison, Monster gate, Pot of avarice, one pot of duality, and World tree. Now why do I have a mirror force on in my side deck? Well that is cause dimensional prison could be change for it and I have 3 mirror forces or I could pick wall of thorns and have 2 mirror force and dimensional prison, depends on my opp cards. Monster gate when I do side it I go for the man-eater bugs. Seed cannons are switch with the world tree and one pot of duality. Bottom less trap holes are normally main but I wanted a fast deck so that is why they are sided. And the Dark mirror force is kind a card that I really don’t side but like having there just in case of a wall deck.
Why the hell that blues dragon, well to start it is a 3000atk\2500def 8 star monster with no eff. Great to have with stardust or archfiend with to make number 107 and go for game. But he also has no eff. Which in today’s Meta makes him really good; cards like breakthrough skill don’t work on him at all. So that why he is in there and also they give you a lava golem you can turn it around for 107. So you think about it is he that bad now.

So I hope know you can look at the next deck and tell me what is main deck and what side deck in this deck is. https://i.imgur.com/R0b6yxo.png. I know it doesn’t have a side deck that side is for one player in the game, which I say don’t do that but it didn’t have side so I did it, but look at the deck what is a core card and what could you side in card that you think might be it even op, you can change up 15 cards so you got to think real hard on this one.
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